In Zeitläufte on März 8, 2008 at 12:16 am

Das ist ja mal interessant. Neun Schülerinnen an einer englischen Schule haben es abgelehnt, The Tempest im Unterricht zu lesen. Ihre Begründung: Die Darstellung von Shylock in The Merchant of Venice sei antisemitisch. Natalie Rothschild kommentiert auf spiked:

Debating whether or not Shakespeare, who wrote 154 sonnets and over 30 tragedies, histories and comedies, was an anti-Semite involves a great deal of pointless speculation, and is hardly the most important consideration in the study of his work. The same goes for any other Dead White European Male, whether it’s Wagner, Dickens or Twain, all of whom made significant contributions to the world of culture and artistic development and who are remembered by many for their alleged prejudices.

The parents and teachers of the Yesodey Hatorah pupils should have known better than to endorse their childish refusal as a ‘valid’, ‘noble’ or ‘brave’ stance against racism, effectively giving the green card to similar, philistine protests in the future. They might have thought the girls’ decision wise, but this was nothing but a fool’s protest, triggered and intensified by anti-intellectual currents in the adult world.


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